The Cat Days of Summer

Everything seems to be in a bit of a lull. I have so many projects that are almost finished, but need that last little bit of content or that last cycle of feedback. I’m told that this is normal for the design industry in the summertime. Regardless, it makes me feel as though I’m not […]

Note to Self: Update Portfolio More Often

It seems like it’s been forever since I actually added new pieces to my portfolio—as it is, it’s getting overstuffed. (See the website thumbnail pull-down. Must fix that.) Leaving it all to do in bulk like this makes it a bit of a painful process. So, in answer to the burning “so what exactly have […]

Happy Birthday

I realized early this morning when accidentally entering the date wrongly on an estimate that it was T&S’s official first birthday yesterday. By sheer luck of the draw, my official date of business registration happened to be 06/06/06. Not that I’m a raging Satanist or anything, but the fifteen-year-old-boy who lives inside me thinks that’s […]

Karma, Carma, Karma

I think I’m finally starting to see how everything balances out. I spent a ridiculous amount of effort getting everything ready for my launch party, and ended up accidentally locking myself out of my studio at 7am in the pouring rain. I had one nasty cold, but everyone who came to the launch (and there […]

Launch Party

My business has so many birthdays, it’s ridiculous. At any rate, my official “holy cow how long can you put that thing off, sarah?” launch party begins tonight at seven. 118 Lincoln Street (Lunenburg), and everyone’s welcome. There will be goody bags and maybe a door prize and some wine and cheese, plus good design-y […]

So, How’s the Business?

It’s only the most popular question asked by anyone who knows me over the past few months. And it’s always hard to answer—my stock response is “It’s too soon to tell”. And it really is, but I’m definitely keeping busy, and new projects keep coming through the door. Every now and again I sit back […]

Quickbooks Was Not Designed for Designers

So business is good, I think. It’s still too early to tell, and there’s so much going on that I’m trying to stay on top of. Quickbooks, in particular, is eating up my time like some sort of monster. I used to think I liked numbers, but I think it’s time we broke up. Lots […]

No More Paycheque

Well, it’s now official. As I write this, I have an hour and fifteen minutes left of my day job. I’m hoping this means more sleep in my future, but it’ll also mean a lot less money—a lot of people think I’m crazy for leaving a well-paying job at a company that treats their employees […]

New Website Launches

I’ve been working on this redesign for a long time. It’s actually been redesigned three times, and of course it isn’t 100% ready to launch, but I’m quite sure it never will be, and it was about time I updated my stagnating website. Lots of stuff is new. Everything’s been restructured and rebuilt using Ruby […]

This Is a Lot of Filler

Thanks to combined incompetence at Apple and at my “local” (see: an hours’ drive away, only open when I’m working) Apple retailer, I haven’t had a computer all month, which has seriously curtailed my design activities outside of the gaming industry. I’ve got a few projects on hold and a few nearing completion — expect […]