Hi there! I’m Sarah. I’m a designer, a (semi) reformed partygirl, and an incorrigible nomad. In my spare time, I like to make things, play squash, and ride motorbikes. I like wine, but I’m not weird about it: I just think it’s tasty. I tend toward run-on sentences both in writing and in speaking, and I have an opinion about almost everything.

This is my website. Once upon a time, it was my business website, but now it is just a collection of scattered stories. Most of them are about travel. Some of them are about design. Some of them are about other stuff. They’re usually ridiculously long and sporadically posted.

I spend a lot of my money on plane tickets. I’ve been to 59 different countries over the years, and I have a never-ending list of new places I’d like to go. (This very instant, I’m exploring Edinburgh.)

For eight years, I ran a freelance design business while I skittered across the globe. Most of the stories here are from then, although you can’t tell from my liberal usage of curse words and total inability to relate stories to anything business-y. I now work for Automattic as a product designer, focussing on emerging technologies. Basically, I play with technology and try to make new things for a living. It’s pretty fun.

If you’d like to be friends, you can talk to me on Twitter or send me an email.