New Website Launches

I’ve been working on this redesign for a long time. It’s actually been redesigned three times, and of course it isn’t 100% ready to launch, but I’m quite sure it never will be, and it was about time I updated my stagnating website.

Lots of stuff is new. Everything’s been restructured and rebuilt using Ruby on Rails. There’s a resources section that’s pretty wiki-like up. There are RSS feeds of the news and the projects. There’s more content everywhere. And reason why I’ve been so quiet the last little while?

…plus a tonsillectomy, and computer woes like you wouldn’t believe, and learning a new programming language.

Say hello to Marigold, who’ll be working with me from now on. Marigold will be taking over some project management duties so that I can become more of a hermit.

Say goodbye to Dinah, who disappeared in November and probably isn’t coming back.

New projects are in the pipeline, and I have officially quit my job in order to go freelance full-time. Need some work done? Now’s a great time to ask, while I’m still a little paranoid about that whole not-getting-a-paycheque thing.

I’m excited. Everything is new and I am learning things at such an exponential rate. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.