Happy Birthday

I realized early this morning when accidentally entering the date wrongly on an estimate that it was T&S’s official first birthday yesterday. By sheer luck of the draw, my official date of business registration happened to be 06/06/06. Not that I’m a raging Satanist or anything, but the fifteen-year-old-boy who lives inside me thinks that’s cool. (I also like the trinity aspect that seems to be sneaking into my business—my door number is going to be 3, there are three rooms and three doors in my studio…)

Mind you, numbers confuse me so much sometimes, I needed to edit this post three times to make it factually accurate.

In celebration, I would like everyone to light a firework, sparkler, or a match at some point today. (Because I only just now realized that it is now the 7th, and no longer the 6th, and thus I actually have nothing to celebrate and am probably a bad parent for missing my firstborn’s first birthday.) And then go look at this website, because I really like it and had a lot of fun trying to make it work.