So, How’s the Business?

It’s only the most popular question asked by anyone who knows me over the past few months. And it’s always hard to answer—my stock response is “It’s too soon to tell”. And it really is, but I’m definitely keeping busy, and new projects keep coming through the door. Every now and again I sit back for a moment and think how lucky I am to be 23 years old and supporting myself doing what I love, being my own boss, keeping my own hours, and setting my own rules. I never thought this would be what I wanted to do, but I’m utterly thrilled that I get to do it.

I’ve been busy moving into my new studio and working on things here & there. A few new additions to the website:,, and a logo for Triple R Tack.

Up next? More websites, more logos, illustrations, a PDF book, and a resume design special. More creative just-for-me work (I hope!), a quick cleansing trip back home, followed by my (much-anticipated, though probably only by me) official launch party! Mark May 19th on your calendars and keep your eyes peeled for details.