The Cat Days of Summer

Everything seems to be in a bit of a lull. I have so many projects that are almost finished, but need that last little bit of content or that last cycle of feedback. I’m told that this is normal for the design industry in the summertime. Regardless, it makes me feel as though I’m not being productive, even though that isn’t the case in the least. In fact, I seem to be getting a lot of my long-term to-do-items crossed off my list, which is a fantastic feeling!

Well, I’ve been talking about it forever, and, finally, it’s official—resumes are on sale! Get all the details here.

I’m doing a whole host of revisions to my custom client admin panel codebase, so anyone getting one of those with their new website in the upcoming months will be seeing a more elegantly designed and more user-friendly interface there. While I’m in there, I’ll also be overhauling the code base so that it’s cleaner and stabler, meaning better, stronger, faster websites for everyone!

Oh, and there is one new project I can show for the time being: another newspaper ad for the post office space. Coming up soon: an explanation for why I’ve been stealing stickers off all the apples in the grocery store, and all sorts more.