Design: 0. Madness: 12.

The last few months have brought about a lot of personal madness. Design work, as I’m discovering, isn’t as accomodating towards mental chaos as other forms of artistic expression are, thus I’ve let things stagnate. Why don’t humans hibernate in the winter? Nothing would make me happier than eating a lot and sleeping through the blizzards, ice rain, and cold winds that give me constant headaches.

My Grande Olde New Years’ Resolution is to spend less time organizing the 4829 songs on my hard drive and more time doing actual design work.

I found a poster I designed in front of the Spring Garden library a month ago and got so excited I had to be dragged away. Later I discovered that some rat-bastard was TEARING THEM ALL DOWN, which still makes me angry. Hey, poster-rip-downer, way to spoil my idyllic joy! It’s YOUR fault that I’m bitter and jaded!

The Pro-Choice Action Network website is finally live, after much tedious formatting and eyestrain on my part. I may not be the most impartial judge, but I think their redesign is about 1,000,000 times better than their old site, which was suffering from some major “FrontPage-Generated Useless Code Syndrome”.

I’m currently working on some super-secret projects, of which I will reveal no more than this: I am doing movie titles. I am SO the next Saul Bass.