Getting Modern

I converted my layouts to XHTML/CSS only (finally saying adieu to tables) and am butting major heads with MSIE, the scourge of the web world. Everything works in Opera, Safari, Mozilla, and Netscape (Mac and Win, when applicable), but IE5 Mac has this tendency to create major random glitches in my page layout. You know, like rendering links non-clickable, or evaluating 20px as 250pt. All skins are at this point functional even in the sad scenario that you’re using IE Mac. But really, if you’re using a Mac, what are you doing using a Microsoft clunker of a browser?

Oh yes, and I’m still working on some of the work term projects, which are turning out to involve the archiving of ten years’ worth of badly formatted FrontPage code. I’m hoping to get through this lot by the end of the week and potentially taking a trip home before my childhood home is sold.

Oh, and following my work on the Steeleworthy wedding site, I’ve designed and printed their invitations, which came beautifully shrink-wrapped, much to my delight.