The Virgo and the Pixel

I’m beginning to learn my life would be far easier if I were capable of just letting things alone already.

Instead, I redesign, I redesign, I redesign, and I’m never happy with what I’ve come up with after having spent forty hours staring at it at 400% magnification, trying to get divs to line up pixel-perfect.

I’m in the process of adding a little bit of explanatory text to each entry, having finally succumbed to the wiles of exposition in the “do I or don’t I?” conundrum, and as a result, I’m adding some pieces that might have seemed a little off-kilter without proper narrative.

The winter blues have their claws firmly entrenched, and I’ve finished my Doestoevsky (which was my “beat the winter blues book”, the rationale being that Russians are colder and more depressed than I am), so I’m busy trying to maintain a feeling of productivity.