Things I Like Today

I think I really like Instapaper, when I actually remember to use it. I have a tendency to look at something long and tedious, then either bookmark it and forget about it, or print it and have my cat turn it into long-winded confetti. Instapaper is a really neat way of storing these “things I mean to read”, not like I need yet another form of to-do list. (My current system involves a primary handwritten list, in my notebook, which then references my “email to-do list”, or sometimes my “rss to-do list”. Sometimes one day’s list will reference another day’s list, or a list specific to a project, as in, do one item from said list, or do entirety of list.)

Qassia (How would one pronounce that? Cassia? Kwassia?) looks like it would actually eat up MORE of my time, but seems interesting nonetheless. I’m not really too bothered with SEO, but more and more of my clients are starting to ask about it, and I’d like to have some non-invasive tricks up my sleeve. And hey, if I can get the client to do the work? Gravy!