My love affair with WordPress

Yesterday, I received two emails from different clients, both inquiring about building WordPress-based websites. I responded, as I usually do: “WordPress is awesome! I love building sites with WordPress! Let’s do it!” I’ve found that I’m using it as the backbone for a lot of my websites these days (including the entirety of this one!), […]

Why I Don’t Like Flash

When I was working on my new design for this website, I spent a lot of time evaluating my options for image display, as it’s one of the most vital elements of the site. I had very specific requirements for what I wanted, both in terms of the look & feel of the galleries, and […]

Using Social Media to Become an Internet Superhero

I don’t believe in showing up early for a party (after all, it’s important to make an entrance). In a business context, this probably isn’t the best thing in the world, and in an internet context, it’s even less so. For instance, I just recently started making use of Twitter. I honestly didn’t get what […]

Adventures in Googling Oneself

Oh, come on, everyone Googles themself at some point, don’t they? I do it mostly to see what (if anything) the internet has to say about me, and if any of it will come back to haunt me. I have, at times, been known to disclose too much online. A Google search for “sarah semark” […]

Sarah 2.0

So I’ve moved yet again and am just getting back on my feet. For anyone who may be interested in sending me lovely things in the mail, my new address is as follows: TRIGGERS & SPARKS GRAPHIC DESIGNS 6987 Vaughan Avenue, Halifax NS B3L 2M2

Six Steps To a Better Website

I gave a presentation to my BBC group last week, giving some tips and guidelines for how to make a website more effective. It’s aimed towards the non-technical person, though implementation of much of the advice would likely require a designer or developer’s help. However, I thought it might be a useful resource, especially if […]

Things I Like Today

I think I really like Instapaper, when I actually remember to use it. I have a tendency to look at something long and tedious, then either bookmark it and forget about it, or print it and have my cat turn it into long-winded confetti. Instapaper is a really neat way of storing these “things I […]