It’s not a resu-ME, it’s a resu-YOU!

About 95% of the work I do tends fall into the “logos and websites” category, but every now and again I’m given the opportunity to work on something a little different. One of my favourite “little different something” is the resume. I’ve designed a number of them, and I always enjoy them. They’re challenging from an information hierarchy point of view, and people really notice them. I’ve heard all kinds of comments, in part I think because people are so used to seeing the same boring MS Word templates.
Julie's Custom Resume Design
Julie Smith is a Toronto lawyer whose resume I recently designed. She sent her resume out to two different companies one day, and was given an interview on the second. Later, she passed along this comment from a headhunter:

Your resume looks fantastic! One of the best I’ve ever seen!

So, if you find yourself facing unemployment (I’m not going to use the “R” word, or even the “D” word, but do feel free to ruminate on the current economic climate in whatever manner you’d prefer), you should invest in a custom-designed resume! It’s cheap, it’s fun, and it may even get you a job. And I get that warm-and-fuzzy feeling that comes from helping someone out.