Somewhere over the learning curve

I seem to go through phases of rapid development, followed by periods of stasis. I just realized, after having worked 35 hours in the past 3 days, that I’m in a “rapid development” phase. Or I’m just working so much that I can’t help but pick up things faster.

Anyway, new projects!

Jaye Wells
Jaye Wells

I’m working on a number more, too, that hopefully will see light soon. It is definitely time to rework this website, but of course that’s way on the bottom of my list. And I need business cards beforehand–I think I have less than ten left. It is seriously time to start buying myself a pair of new shoes every time I do work for myself.

Speaking of shoes, I wrote a guest post over at East Coast by Choice. So if you’re looking for tips on how to wear stilettos in crazy weather, you should go read it!