Looking for a good man (or woman, or child)

So, having noticed it’s been nearly six months since I last updated my website, I think it’s about time I took the plunge and hired someone to help me keep this business running better. I’ve considered this a number of times in the past, but my general inability to relinquish control, of anything, to anyone, has always prevented me from going through with it. Time’s come to grow up, ditch the narcissism, and realize that I’m not the second coming, and I need some help from time to time.

That said! Here’s what I’m looking for.

This will be a very part-time job to begin with. My aim is that it will grow with time into a more full-fledged position, but I’d like to start small. I don’t have an office anymore (unless my couch counts), so you’ll need to have your own equipment. Ideally we’d be able to do a mix of co-working and telecommuting, but I’m open to alternative arrangements. You don’t need to know everything already; I’d be glad to teach. Pay will obviously be adjusted depending on the amount of teaching required! This position is best-suited for an entry-level or intern who’s looking to get started in the industry.

Required Skills

  • excellent communication skills. This is non-negotiable as it’s pretty much the only thing I can’t teach you. You don’t need to be a fantastic orator, but solid writing skills are absolutely vital.
  • basic understanding of basic design principles (and a “good eye”, which is also non-teachable
  • basic understanding of standards-compliant HTML/CSS
  • basic Adobe CS skills, or the equivalent freeware alternatives
  • attention to detail (I’m a perfectionist)
  • independence and problem-solving skills
  • passion for your work and a desire to learn

Skills that would be deemed a bonus

  • PHP programming ability (actually, if you have this but no design skills, contact me, and maybe we can arrange something)
  • strong web skills (HTML/CSS, Ajax, “making things work”, etc)
  • strong design skills
  • comfort with WordPress, which I’m using more & more as a CMS
  • marketing/PR skills (I’m lousy at marketing myself)

Job “perks”

  • flexibility & the ability to set your own hours
  • opportunity to learn about the ins & outs of client relations and running a business
  • chance to work on a wide variety of projects
  • opportunity for advancement

Please send resume, portfolio, and anticipated hourly wage range to [escapeemail email=”hireme@triggersandsparks.com”], and introduce yourself!