Going Two-Point-Oh

I’m on a monster self-improvement kick, starting with learning Ruby on Rails, the hot new (old) web development language that may (or may not) be posed to turn the world of web applications on its head. Either way, I plan to be prepared, and hope to be building things on Rails for clients soon — once I’ve figured out how it all works, of course! For now, everything is still PHP-based, but it’s impressive to see how elegantly Ruby can handle some things that, in PHP, required awkward workarounds and lines upon lines of code.

Now, for new work! I plan on posting a lot of this when time permits, but I’ve been pretty busy for some time now, and client work of course comes first. The provincial election came & went, and I worked for Rick Welsford and Kirk Cox, both projects which presented challenges to the programmer in me. I finished a revamp of the Halifax Cranberry Company‘s website, recreating the original Flash design in HTML, and creating a German version to run side-by-side with the English. I’ve done some business cards and brochures for Kisserup, and a resume website for Kim Stacey, soon to be transformed to a full Flash site. My most recent project was a new website for the startup Wordsmith Communications. Currently, I’ve got a few more projects on the go and hope to have loads of updates in the near future once things hit a bit of a lull, though I’m hoping that doesn’t happen any time soon.