I’m working on a complete overhaul of the website — every day I add a few more items to my todo list and make more corrections to my Illustrator template. In deference to this A List Apart article, this isn’t just an aesthetic redesign — actually, I initially hadn’t intended to redesign, but then I started reworking my logo, and everything’s been stemming from that. I’m planning on more content, including a resources wiki that will contain a whole slew of explanations of the technical stuff I tend to babble about and then find myself needing to explain to all my clients. Anyway. Hopefully, that should be along soon.

In actual project news, I had a busy spell at work but now I’m in a slow spell, since Cricket ’07 seems to have wrapped itself up in preparation for a November release. I’m gearing up for a much-anticipated tonsillectomy October 2nd, so hopefully I’ll be able to wrap up a few ongoing projects before my convalescence commences. Ongoing projects include a website for the Bluenose Lodge Casual Dining, a redesign of the Nova Scotia Young Liberal‘s website, and logo/identity projects for Ninja Monkey Knits, Traveller’s Joy, Inside-Out Cleaning Services, Norwood Media, and the BusStop Theater.

In other news, the Switch has just finished recording their first album, featuring a cover designed by yours truly. I also did some posters to match and the website is in progress. Make sure to come out to the album release party (September 29th at the Attic) to snag your copy and for the chance to see me introducing the band while dressed as Gene Simmons. No, I’m not kidding.