New Projects

I’ve finished the redesign of, and am now working on a business card and brochure. I’m also taking care of a brochure/business card combination for the Walker Inn, which my mum bought a little while ago. I’m working on various smaller projects for the Halifax Cranberry Company, and am today starting on a revamp of the VoteDarian website for a local provincial Liberal candidate, Rick Welsford. What does that mean? Yep, there’s another election in the air! Naturally, I’m thrilled. The instability of Canadian government means that, since turning 18 four-odd years ago, I’ve voted in one provincial election and two federal. Last election night, I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep, and spent most of the night refreshing the results on my browser in anticipation. Spring fever has most definitely hit, and I’ve got my energy back. Got a project for me? Now’s a perfect time!