Everyone’s Moving

So contrary to what the local paper reported, I am not, in actuality, a firm made up of three people, one of whom is named “Dinah LeChaton”. Dinah has actually been missing since November, and Marigold returned to Ottawa, where she may continue doing some client relations work. I decided it was high time to bring on new staff. So I picked up Kalliope, an eager new talent whose skills include getting herself tangled in plastic bags, finding a lap to curl up on even when said lap is covered in laptop, and eliminating the evil monsters who live underneath bedsheets.

Kallie & I

I am, naturally, enamoured.

In other news, I’m moving out of my little room in my little apartment into a commercial space just up Lincoln Street—it’s an oddly-shaped little three-room affair with hardwood floors and just the sort of character I like. I‘m hoping this will help me segregate my home from my work life and give me a little more space to stretch out in. As an added bonus, I won’t need to clean up my apartment when a client comes to visit!

A few new projects have been added to the website, and there should be more finishing soon.