Down with shared hosting!

Want a place to keep your WordPress site? I’m opening up my managed WordPress hosting package to the public today, and taking on a limited number of new clients! The hosting is fast, stable, and secure, but also includes personal attention from me, so your site always looks its best.

In which love bests money

Crossing the Rio de la Plata after a week-long “holiday” in Uruguay, I realized how much the way I spend my money has changed. Now that I no longer need to steal film from the grocery store or calculate the exact per-grain price of a loaf of bread, I find I’m more willing to spend […]

5 ways to build internet credibility

Walking home the other day, I saw a new tattoo shop had opened up near my house. “Classy Tattoo Parlour”, the sign proclaimed in loud, all-caps serifed letters. Of course, it was in a strip mall, so even if it were the classiest joint in town, full of ladies in beehives smoking from mile-long cigarette […]

Why you can’t call me cheap (anymore)

Four years ago, when I started out my business (or whenever it was—I always get fuzzy on the dates) I was charging all of $10 an hour (sometimes less, as was the case in my first job). Looking back, it’s no surprise, really, that by the end of my first solo year I was so […]

How to win your designer’s eternal love

Bad clients are notorious among designers. We complain about them constantly, we’ve devoted a hilarious-yet-heartbreaking website to them, and we swap horror stories like badges of honour, rolling our eyes in empathy and disgust. We spend so much time complaining about the bad clients that it’s sometimes easy to overlook the good clients. Lately, I’ve been working […]

A can of Diet Coke, please?

So since I no longer have internet at home, I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur of free wi-fi zones, alternately known as “a vagabond with an expensive laptop”. I usually tend to alternate between the library, a few coffee shops, and the train station, and I have specific guidelines about what makes for a […]

Everyone’s Moving

So contrary to what the local paper reported, I am not, in actuality, a firm made up of three people, one of whom is named “Dinah LeChaton”. Dinah has actually been missing since November, and Marigold returned to Ottawa, where she may continue doing some client relations work. I decided it was high time to […]