The Good, the Bad and the Ridiculous

The Good: Digsby is gorgeous. I love the gigantic fluorescent “download” bar that gets OS-specific after you click on it. I love their coming soon page, too, although I might have preferred to find an actual download.

The Bad: No more Digby. I’m trying hard not to think about it because it makes me sad. Why aren’t there more beautiful & clever, highly saturated things around? (I am happiest in technicolour). I don’t understand why “reality” is so interesting. There’s enough reality right outside my door; I’d rather the fantasy when I’m looking to get out of my head.

and the Ridiculous: Minggl thinks “b3k 4w5” isn’t a valid postal code. It took me three tries to figure out they wanted me to capitalize it. Seriously? Canada Post will deliver my mail if I forget the majority of the address and scrawl it upside down with a six-inch-wide marker, but some web app that isn’t ever going to send me mail can’t validate a lowercase postal code?

Also, why are all web apps named by dyslexic five year olds now? I miss real words.