Seriously, you’d think I’d be better at regular updates by now…

but apparently I’m not. I’ve actually had “update website” on my to-do list for the last three or four weeks. In the past week it’s actually been upgraded to “update website PLEASE” and “for the love of EVERYTHING, UPDATE WEBSITE ALREADY”. I’m starting to suspect it might be easier to switch over from my custom-built Ruby on Rails powered site to a customized WordPress site, which could easily handle everything my RoR is doing with a much easier-to-use backend (not that manually editing database fields isn’t easy).

I’ve been using WordPress for everything lately, and have totally fallen in love with it. I seem to always be a little behind the curve on web trends (as a side note, I’m now on Twitter, though I still don’t really understand the point entirely) due to my general distaste for trends (if everyone likes it, it can’t possibly be any good, right?). But I really wish I’d discovered the power and flexibility of WordPress earlier on—it’s brilliant and I’m beginning to use it for more and more of my client projects.

I was first introduced to it earlier in the summer when I did a website and serial novel page for Lilith Saintcrow. I used it for another Orbit Books author website, Brent Weeks. Most recently, I’ve used a highly customized version for a community website for Maplewood on the Lakes. I’m developing a few more sites using it, and have discovered that, generally speaking, it’s actually much faster, simpler, and more powerful that creating my own customized administration panel (though I’m still doing this for more complex database-driven websites).

In non-Wordpress related news, I’ve also added the design work I did for Sebastien’s Bistro, and the identity materials developed for the Walker Inn.

And that’s all the updates for now! I’m going to keep trying to make my updates happen on a regular basis, but I’m like the chef who comes home and eats frozen dinners (and I’ve met a few) in this case.