Making every hour count (or how to stop counting)

For a girl who never wears a watch and doesn’t care much for numbers, I’m obsessed with time. When you bill an hourly rate, of course, this is only to be expected—after all, the time = money equation becomes far more self-evident when you know exactly what an hour is worth. In theory, this focus […]

Chasing the elusive Sandman

The past month, I’ve slept an average of three hours a night, and have worked an average of 90 hours a week. My Valentine cards took more time to produce & prepare than I’d expected, although I’ve heard so much very encouraging feedback that’s it’s been quite delightful, especially as it’s my first-ever foray into […]

Lazy Sundays

Well, it’s been a long, long, long time in the making, but I’ve finally updated my portfolio a teeny little bit (not too much to be overwhelming, of course!) There’s this portrait of my gorgeous little sister: and a “new” website (that was completed months ago). I really don’t like updating my own website! But […]

Russian Deficiency

The winter blues were rough this year. I’m blaming it on my having lost my Doestoevsky. The Switch’s website is coming along swimmingly, and I’ve started work on a redesign of I’ve got another project backburnered as I don’t like to have too much on the go at once, but I seem to be […]

The Virgo and the Pixel

I’m beginning to learn my life would be far easier if I were capable of just letting things alone already. Instead, I redesign, I redesign, I redesign, and I’m never happy with what I’ve come up with after having spent forty hours staring at it at 400% magnification, trying to get divs to line up […]