Chasing the elusive Sandman

The past month, I’ve slept an average of three hours a night, and have worked an average of 90 hours a week.

My Valentine cards took more time to produce & prepare than I’d expected, although I’ve heard so much very encouraging feedback that’s it’s been quite delightful, especially as it’s my first-ever foray into making & selling my own work. (If you’re interested in a card, they’re available on Etsy, or in Halifax at Duly Noted Stationary on Quinpool and Love, Me Boutique on Birmingham. I’ll also be selling them in person this weekend at the Harbourside Market in Dartmouth.)

I’ve been also working on a whole boatload of projects, in between all the inking and painting and panicking. I’ve got a few websites in the works, a logo, and a printed booklet with a short turnaround time, along with all the usual Wicker Emporium work. I’ve been meeting with all sorts of people to discuss new projects, and am working on finishing up some projects that have been dragging their heels for too long.

Outside of that, I just took my first screen printing class last night, and it was rather delightful. Given that my print work is all digital offset printing, I’ve never had an opportunity to apply any of delightful things I learned in school, like trapping and registration and colour plates, all of which now I have a practical use for. I’m getting more and more excited about doing more work by hand, and am hoping the print process will lead to all sorts of exciting new developments and discoveries.

In short, while sleep would be nice, I’m happy to be mad-busy and thrilled about my work again.