New Website Launches

I’ve been working on this redesign for a long time. It’s actually been redesigned three times, and of course it isn’t 100% ready to launch, but I’m quite sure it never will be, and it was about time I updated my stagnating website. Lots of stuff is new. Everything’s been restructured and rebuilt using Ruby […]

This Is a Lot of Filler

Thanks to combined incompetence at Apple and at my “local” (see: an hours’ drive away, only open when I’m working) Apple retailer, I haven’t had a computer all month, which has seriously curtailed my design activities outside of the gaming industry. I’ve got a few projects on hold and a few nearing completion — expect […]

Going Two-Point-Oh

I’m on a monster self-improvement kick, starting with learning Ruby on Rails, the hot new (old) web development language that may (or may not) be posed to turn the world of web applications on its head. Either way, I plan to be prepared, and hope to be building things on Rails for clients soon — […]

Tiny Girly Guard

I’m only just now getting the hang of writing 2005 instead of 2004. I’m working a security job, which means I spend twelve hours a night playing with my pencils in an empty building in Eastern Passage. If I only had a laptop, I would be the world’s most productive moonlighter. I’m currently negotiating what […]