Antisocial Networking

For someone who spends such an extensive amount of her day online, I ignored the “Social Networking Revolution” for a surprisingly long time, mostly for the same reasons that I never owned a television—I tend to be a little wary of things that suck up time without creating anything tangible.

Oh, and I’m not particularly social as it is. And networking? I’m starting to think I’m biologically incapable of doing it.

But hey, I own a television now. I’m no less productive (probably because it’s off almost all the time) than I was before. So the social networking thing? I could bite the bullet.

I’ve been making use of both Facebook and LinkedIn for a while now. I recently broke down and got on MySpace, which gives me headaches to look at, but lets me keep a list of bands I should check out on hand. I’ve been starting to take a look at Facebook’s developer tools—I’m interested in the prospect of being able to integrate the sites I build with such a widely-used site. And, as I was doing it, I came across Facebook Pages, a new feature that allows you to list your business. Neat!

In short: Triggers & Sparks is now on Facebook.

As everyone who knows me is aware, I am a complete feedback junky. I’m hoping that this will give me a venue to present some works-in-progress and get some other opinions…sort of like a focus group for designs, which is something I could really use.

Interested? Well, of course you are! Feel free to become a “fan” (the egomaniac in me likes that term) and shower me with thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Harsh criticism always welcomed—I like the idea of making design a more interactive sport. Get involved here!

Oh, and if you’re more interested in completed projects, I’ve added another logo redesign to my portfolio.