Moving Madness

In the last year, I have moved three times: one in October, when I moved out of my apartment in Lunenburg to share an apartment with my boyfriend; once in March, when I moved all my things from my studio in Lunenburg into aforementioned apartment (which started to look really, really full), and then just […]

No, Your Other Left

So according to the Gospel That Is the Internet, I have an ambidextrous brain. (See: pretty balanced between the left and the right sides.) As with most self-evaluations, this came as a monster of a revelation to me. Suddenly, all my years of confusion and ambivalence seem less like a personal failure. For as long […]

Karma, Carma, Karma

I think I’m finally starting to see how everything balances out. I spent a ridiculous amount of effort getting everything ready for my launch party, and ended up accidentally locking myself out of my studio at 7am in the pouring rain. I had one nasty cold, but everyone who came to the launch (and there […]