Missing things and missing out

Argentina is most definitely still in holiday-mode: it’s summer vacation here, a good number of the shops still have their shutters closed, and everyone who can afford to is off on the beaches of Uruguay. I’ve been working a lot more than I’d like to admit the last two weeks. Technically I still have a […]

In the jungles of the Amazon

In the middle of the Amazon jungle, seven hours by boat from the closest hospital, I cut off my fingertip with a machete. This is how I spent my Christmas: I flew to Manaus, a big ugly port city on the Amazon river, where the warm, slow, black Rio Negro and the cooler, faster, sandy Rio Solimões […]

A change will do me good

In five days, I’ll be on my way to South America. I’m wildly excited, of course. People keep asking me if I’m ready, though, and I’m never quite sure how to answer. I mean, I have a suitcase that will hold 25 pairs of shoes and still have enough room for a couple weeks’ worth […]

Sarah’s Excellent Adventure

It’s official: in a little under a month, I’ll have my things all packed away in storage, and I’ll be on my way to gorgeous Buenos Aires, nearly 9000 km from home, and quite literally the other side of the world. I’ll be staying for three months, which officially makes it my longest trip ever. I’ve […]

What I’ve learned from broken bones and painkillers

Thanks mostly to a potent mix of stupidity, tequila, and my own interminable love of over-enthusiastic wrestling matches, I’ve managed to break a bone. (I did tempt fate that night by saying I’d never broken one before, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by the outcome, really.) Not being one to ever do […]

A Vagabond with a laptop (and nice shoes)

Last summer, I ran away from home. 5 weeks, 7 countries, 6 currencies, 6 languages, 9 different beds, 4 planes, 7 buses, 9 trains, 5 ferries, 3 cars, and innumerable rides on the buses, trams, and metros of different cities later, I returned: blisters on my feet, forever altered. My business weathered the experiment better […]

Making every hour count (or how to stop counting)

For a girl who never wears a watch and doesn’t care much for numbers, I’m obsessed with time. When you bill an hourly rate, of course, this is only to be expected—after all, the time = money equation becomes far more self-evident when you know exactly what an hour is worth. In theory, this focus […]

Made with Love: Or What That Means, Exactly

So if you’ve been anywhere within a ten-mile radius of me anytime in the last week and a half, you’re probably well aware of The Big Card Project. I took it upon myself to design a set of six macabre Valentines, thinking it’d be a a fun little project that’d get me away from the […]

6 new projects for 2010 that won’t make me any money

January marks the three-year-anniversary of the day I told my employer to “take this job and shove it” (in all seriousness, HB Studios was a fantastic place to work, but Office Space was what gave me my moment of epiphany required to take the leap). Three years seems like forever ago, and I’ve learned so […]

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

After all the hectic-ness and flurry of activity that was the big website launch, I took a whole day off for the first time in ages. I curled up with a blanket and read a good hundred or so pages of The Master and Margarita (which I highly recommend), then went out to a Christmas […]