One-handed girl seeks extra set of hands (or, I’m hiring!)

I’ve really been focusing on trying to build my business these days, and I’m lucky in that it’s been working, for the most part. Of course, this means that I keep running out of time for all those fancy things I like so much, like sleeping and drinking martinis.

It’s reached the point at which I’m so busy trying to stay on top of all my projects that I don’t have any time to do the business side of things, and I’ve totally stalled as far as growth is concerned.

So, it’s time, once again, for the control freak in me to take a backseat, and sit quietly by while I hire someone.

Tell your friends! Here’s what I’m looking for.

This will be a very part-time job to begin with. My aim is that it will grow with time into a more full-fledged position, but I’d like to start small. I work on-site two days a week for a local client and would like to start delegating a good chunk of that work out. Essentially, what I’d like is someone who would come in with me those two days and work with me in my little shoebox of an office. It would likely begin as quite closely directed work, and then as you become comfortable, I’d step back more and would focus on other work. I’d be likely to have other projects I could use you on from time to time as well, but as this is my most steady and realiable source of work, it would be the bulk of your work, especially to begin with.

It will start out part-time; I’d need you Wednesdays and Thursdays from approximately 10-6. There may be additional work if you’re interested, as well, but those two days would be steady. This position is best-suited for an entry-level or intern who’s looking to get started in the industry.

Oh, right. And I'm in this new cast (check it out! I've got an elbow and some fingers now!) for at least the next four weeks, so an extra hand would be, quite literally, invaluable.

Required Skills

  • excellent communication skills. This is non-negotiable as it’s pretty much the only thing I can’t teach you. You don’t need to be a fantastic orator, but solid writing skills are absolutely vital.
  • basic understanding of basic design principles (and a “good eye”, which is also non-teachable)
  • basic understanding of standards-compliant HTML/CSS
  • basic Adobe CS skills, or the equivalent freeware alternatives
  • attention to detail (I’m a perfectionist)
  • independence and problem-solving skills
  • passion for your work and a desire to learn

Skills that would be deemed a bonus

  • strong web skills (HTML/CSS, Ajax, “making things work”, etc)
  • strong design skills
  • comfort with WordPress, which I’m using more & more as a CMS

Job “perks”

  • flexibility & the ability to set your own hours, to some degree
  • opportunity to learn about the ins & outs of client relations and running a business
  • chance to work on a wide variety of projects
  • opportunity for advancement (I hope!)

Please send resume, portfolio, and anticipated hourly wage range to [escapeemail email=””], and introduce yourself! (Oh, and if you’d like some helpful pointers, this post may help explain what’ll land you in the “hell no!” pile.)