Seven simple steps to better design, sans designer

Lately, I’ve found myself giving a substantial amount of design feedback to non-designers. While I always maintain that you ought to leave design to professionals, sometimes this just isn’t feasible for one reason or another. So, in the interests of public service (prettiness making the world a better place, and whatnot), I’d like to offer […]

Made with Love: Or What That Means, Exactly

So if you’ve been anywhere within a ten-mile radius of me anytime in the last week and a half, you’re probably well aware of The Big Card Project. I took it upon myself to design a set of six macabre Valentines, thinking it’d be a a fun little project that’d get me away from the […]

5 reasons your resume sucks (and how to make it better)

When I put out a hiring notice a little while ago, I was flooded with resumes. Now, like any business owner, I’m both hardworking and lazy, so I quickly developed a shorthand to help me sift through all the applicants. In short: if I could find a good reason to throw your resume out, it […]

Why I Don’t Like Flash

When I was working on my new design for this website, I spent a lot of time evaluating my options for image display, as it’s one of the most vital elements of the site. I had very specific requirements for what I wanted, both in terms of the look & feel of the galleries, and […]

6 new projects for 2010 that won’t make me any money

January marks the three-year-anniversary of the day I told my employer to “take this job and shove it” (in all seriousness, HB Studios was a fantastic place to work, but Office Space was what gave me my moment of epiphany required to take the leap). Three years seems like forever ago, and I’ve learned so […]

Awkward Logos in the Wild

Everyone (or at least, every designer) loves a good “logos gone wrong” selection. Most of them are just unintentionally dirty or besmirched by awkward kerning, but they’re always a good reminder of why you should always show your work to others before finalizing, just in case there’s a visual you might be missing. (And turn […]

Going places with typography

Everyone who knows me at all knows I’m a fan of a good typeface (and a nice bottle of wine, and a pretty pair of shoes). Less common knowledge is my fondness for public transit. Sure, it’s often dirty, loud, crowded, and outmoded. Oftentimes it’s a good way to run into people you’d rather avoid. […]

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

After all the hectic-ness and flurry of activity that was the big website launch, I took a whole day off for the first time in ages. I curled up with a blanket and read a good hundred or so pages of The Master and Margarita (which I highly recommend), then went out to a Christmas […]

Presenting the brand-new Triggers & Sparks!

Ready, aim, FIRE! Consider yourself formally invited to the launch of my new website! The new year is fast approaching, and Triggers & Sparks will be meeting it fresh-faced and bright-eyed. A complete redesign of the old website was long overdue and now it’s time to lay my beloved, but clunky, Ruby on Rails […]

It’s not a resu-ME, it’s a resu-YOU!

About 95% of the work I do tends fall into the “logos and websites” category, but every now and again I’m given the opportunity to work on something a little different. One of my favourite “little different something” is the resume. I’ve designed a number of them, and I always enjoy them. They’re challenging from […]