Dear God, I wish I’d made this website: Butter London. It’s pretty much my holy grail of website design. I love the typography, I love the way they actually found a “butter” colour that’d work in the background, I love the varied textures and the scrollwork and the slightly old-wallpaper feel of the whole thing. The subtle animation effects are great (that’s how Flash ought to be used, if you ask me, and I love that there’s a little skull and crossbones used to offset the foliage.

It was created by a this by them, who have a rather lovely website themselves. If you flip through the sites they’ve made, you’ll note that most everything seems to have that gorgeous hand-made collaged old-wallpaper feel that I really enjoy. And a great grasp of typography, to boot!

This is the sort of thing I want to be moving towards… I’m finding the clean & simple aesthetic is wearing on me. The closest I’ve got right now is the Walker Inn site, which I really liked at the time of release but now looks dull and affected, by comparison. I think it’s time to take on a new project just-for-me.