AJAX Frameworks: Head. Desk. Head. Desk.

I usually use Scriptalicious for my AJAX needs, but I’m working on a set of AJAX-ified forms on a website that’s already using jQuery, so I figure hey, it can’t be that hard to change over! Twenty minutes later, cue the loud cursing and growling. I mean, the whole thing seems far more powerful, but every time I’ve wanted to start implementing it, I’ve been turned off by how complex it seems to do simple things. (Like slide down a div window, which I hope to have accomplished before I turn 30. On a side note, I’ve been feeling old because I turned 25 today, until my little sister sent me a message saying that I’m “plenty young, for a president!” Which I suppose is technically true, so I don’t feel quite so washed up anymore.)

Anyway, back to my jQuery-induced headache: this very helpful thing to the rescue! If I can stop being distracted by the gorgeous site design, I might be able to figure this stuff out, after all, without having to spend all day teaching my brain new methods of programming. I do so love programming tutorials written for designers. Thank you, pretty colourful website!