What’s on the outside counts, too!

Two years ago, I made an incredibly rash decision. I was standing in front of a row of boxes, a little worse for wear due to an excess of celebration the prior evening. A sick feeling settled over me, and I decided to run with the impulse. Two hours later, I was a blonde. (Actually, […]

Dear Shawn:

Point taken. I have hated the blog thing for so long, despite having spent a good deal of my formative years keeping online journals. But if I buckled to Facebook for the pursuit of fame and fortune, I can buckle to the weblog world. That is, if I can actually do it consistently.

Understanding Colour Modes

Confused by CMYK, RGB, and the like? Got a plethora of logo formats and no idea which to use? Read on for some quick tips about how to get the most out of your colour.