Resume Design Packages

Great design isn’t all websites and logos, nor is it for businesses only. If you’re looking to launch a career or land your dream job, great design will help you get a foot in the door!

Employers see hundreds (sometimes thousands) of resumes for just one job posting. No matter how brilliant your credentials are, without an eye-grabbing, creative, and relevant design, your application will not land you that interview.

My custom resumes apply marketing, personal branding and design to the where, what, and when of your resume info to transform it into a resume that reflects your personality, industry and occupation.

You wouldn’t wear a track suit to your interview, so why send out a shabby resume to get you a job?

For a limited time only I am offering a resume special—until March 30, 2010—on resume design services. For the price of a new pair of shoes, you can get a resume that will help you get your foot in the door to the job you want. Compared to a yearly salary, what’s $150?

So stop asking the Lord to buy you a Mercedes Benz and get a professionally designed and totally unique resume in PDF form, perfect for either print or email.

Need more evidence? Even the experts agree.

Resume Design Special

Alright, let’s get started!

Fill out the form to your right. I’ll email you to confirm the details, then will request payment up-front. I accept Interac Email Money Transfer, Paypal Instant Transfer, or a personal cheque. Once that’s sorted, I’ll do up a mock design. We’ll do a few revisions from there until you’re happy. In 5-10 days, you’ll be on your way with a uniquely-designed resume!

Your resume is also about selling yourself and your experience. Great design goes hand-in-hand with great text. If you need help with that is there to help. She offers fantastic resume writing and editing packages, from as low as $90 for a total rewrite.

Get everything all at once and save! Purchase a design from me, along with writing services from Natalie, and get 10% off both services! We’ll work hand-in-hand to deliver a resume that both looks and sounds great–a double threat that’s sure to make employers sit up and take notice.

Questions? Feel free to drop me a line.

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