Adventures in Googling Oneself

Oh, come on, everyone Googles themself at some point, don’t they? I do it mostly to see what (if anything) the internet has to say about me, and if any of it will come back to haunt me. I have, at times, been known to disclose too much online. A Google search for “sarah semark” […]

A can of Diet Coke, please?

So since I no longer have internet at home, I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur of free wi-fi zones, alternately known as “a vagabond with an expensive laptop”. I usually tend to alternate between the library, a few coffee shops, and the train station, and I have specific guidelines about what makes for a […]

Sex and apples

I really enjoyed this little storybook. Something about childish/60’s-esque illustration (especially when paired with more adult subject matter) really appeals to me. I like that the illustrator managed to use a techy “cold” object like a MacBook and still have it work with the more textured & natural style (the screen static was an especially […]

Sarah 2.0

So I’ve moved yet again and am just getting back on my feet. For anyone who may be interested in sending me lovely things in the mail, my new address is as follows: TRIGGERS & SPARKS GRAPHIC DESIGNS 6987 Vaughan Avenue, Halifax NS B3L 2M2

Some thoughts on design

I was recently contacted by a design student at Loyalist College looking to interview a designer for an essay she’s writing. Ego-bloat aside, I do really like it when young(er), just-starting-out designers ask me for a “worldly” view of the industry. (Amazingly, it’s happened more than once!)

Moving Madness

In the last year, I have moved three times: one in October, when I moved out of my apartment in Lunenburg to share an apartment with my boyfriend; once in March, when I moved all my things from my studio in Lunenburg into aforementioned apartment (which started to look really, really full), and then just […]