Jenny Arnold, Reading Safari

I was riding the bus home today when I noticed two architects’ storefronts next to each other. One was fairly standard; typical type, the names of the architects; nothing special. The other was simply and cleanly designed, but stood out by a mile. Now, for me to take notice of my environment is sort of rare, and for me to critique it for style is sort of ridiculous. This is what working with Sarah has done to me (and by “working with” I mean “asking her to make me things”).

I know that at any point I can ask her to design me something – anything from a resume to a new tattoo – and it will be done quickly, efficiently, and beautifully. In person, Sarah pretty much personifies the idea of style – if you’ve met her, you’ll know what I mean – so how can anything she creates help but be the most aesthetically pleasing things known to mankind? Working with her will result in not only you getting exactly what you wanted, but weren’t entirely aware that you wanted, but also in you gaining a new appreciation for the entire idea of design and the possibilities therein. Which, if you think about it, is pretty damn cool.