Nabokov and Friends

Once more the pre-winter pre-Christmas blues are settling into my bones and turning me into a bed-potato, which is essentially the same thing as a couch potato, except that instead of watching Everybody Loves Raymond six times a day, I curl up with Russian authors. That said, I’m undergoing all kinds of personal growth & […]

Flash Floods, Fires, and Dances

It’s only taken me about half a year, but I’ve finally crossed an item off my perennially growing “to-do” list: add flash to portfolio. I’ve always been fond of this monologue from Fear & Loathing, and not solely because it seems like a shopping list for debauchery. While I was at it, I added a […]

Inside Dish on the Worst Client Ever

Brambles Antiques is finally finished, complete with a fully functional backend admin panel. (Screenshots to follow!) I spent a good long time re-re-re-designing T&S, to what is at least a temporary satisfaction, and I’ve learned that I’m infinitely my pickiest, most annoying, and most demanding client. And I’m refusing to work for myself ever again.


I’ve finally settled into Lunenburg and am in the process of repainting my whole apartment, which is growing in scope exponentially every time I find more paint chips in a hardware store. I’ve just finished the Idealbikes website, and I’m currently breaking the ice with two new clients, both based in Lunenburg. New website should […]

Going Small-Town

Despite the seemingly dead-ishness of my portfolio etc, a LOT has been going on. I’ve accepted a job offer at HB Studios in beautiful rainy Lunenburg, and am busily working on front-end for Rugby 2006. I’ve packed up and left Halifax, though it’s only an hour an a half away by car. I’m working on […]

Tiny Girly Guard

I’m only just now getting the hang of writing 2005 instead of 2004. I’m working a security job, which means I spend twelve hours a night playing with my pencils in an empty building in Eastern Passage. If I only had a laptop, I would be the world’s most productive moonlighter. I’m currently negotiating what […]

The Virgo and the Pixel

I’m beginning to learn my life would be far easier if I were capable of just letting things alone already. Instead, I redesign, I redesign, I redesign, and I’m never happy with what I’ve come up with after having spent forty hours staring at it at 400% magnification, trying to get divs to line up […]

Design: 0. Madness: 12.

The last few months have brought about a lot of personal madness. Design work, as I’m discovering, isn’t as accomodating towards mental chaos as other forms of artistic expression are, thus I’ve let things stagnate. Why don’t humans hibernate in the winter? Nothing would make me happier than eating a lot and sleeping through the […]

Getting Modern

I converted my layouts to XHTML/CSS only (finally saying adieu to tables) and am butting major heads with MSIE, the scourge of the web world. Everything works in Opera, Safari, Mozilla, and Netscape (Mac and Win, when applicable), but IE5 Mac has this tendency to create major random glitches in my page layout. You know, […]

When News Was Just News

I’m at the end of my work term with Lefty Lucy Communications and am trying to get everything finished. I’ve been working with a few clients, going through cycles of prototype layouts until we hit on something perfect. Let me tell you, I can now create a thumbnail in Illustrator about 6,000,000 times faster than […]