Zombies Ate Lauren Website

Lauren was looking for a fun, whimsical design for her new blog. Most of my work tends to be on the more serious side, but Lauren's horror movie blog is clever and fun, so we had an opportunity to be a little more creative with its design.

I spent a long time poring over old pulp horror movie posters and picking images out of public-domain pulp sci-fi comics to come up with this design. I used more typefaces than I would ordinarily in order to give it more of a retro-pulp feel, and added little illustrations to liven up the sidebar. Lauren provided the lovely header illustration, and all other elements were carefully designed to pull all the pieces together.

· http://zombies.redredred.org ·

Sarah and I might have been in separate time-zones, but we were definitely on the same page when it came to my website. She took a very loose concept (a horror blog with a retro, pulp look) and gave me something that fit my brand, and personality, perfectly. This was my first time working with a designer and I couldn't have been happier with my experience. Sarah walked me through every step, listened to my feedback, and provided quick results.