Nightmare Nibbler Branding

Sue came to me some time ago, when she was first starting to develop her own toy based on a character she'd created to help her son cope with nightmares. She needed a consistent branding that would feel light and playful in spite of its slightly gothic undertones.

We began by creating a simple logo with a playful feel; the “nibbler” component of the toy is referred to by the bite mark taken out of the “N”. We later developed business cards with similar bites taken out of them, and a hang tag booklet that is packaged with each of the toys, telling a little about them. Finally, we launched a simple website with a clear online ordering component.

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From day one until the recent launch of my business, Sarah remained enthusiastic and passionate about each of the design elements she was working on. She easily grasped my needs and produced design ideas for my consideration in a timely manner. Sarah’s combination of creativity and professionalism was exactly what I was looking for and what I needed. I look forward to working with Sarah again on any future design needs that I may have! Thanks a million Sarah!