Myke Cole Website

Myke was certain of what he wanted from his new author website. He had already commissioned a painting that he wanted incorporated into the design, and was looking for something that would appeal to a wide audience, from fantasy fans to veterans.

I created a customized Wordpress installation for Myke, allowing him to make use of different blog types and some very clear widget areas. The resulting website is simple, but built so that it can easily grow as his needs change. Careful attention was paid to typography and a colour scheme that suited the tone of the imagery, yet didn't compete with the overall message. The end result is a fine-tuned website that, dispute its military theme, feels civilized rather than brutish—just like Myke himself!

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Sarah is brilliant. She was able to translate my very specific vision for the site, and temper it with her in-depth knowledge of web technology and comprehensive understanding of what works in web marketing. It’s a kickass site and I couldn’t be happier with it.