Fernwood Publishing Website

Fernwood’s old website used frames and was in need of a visual overhaul, as it was beginning to show its age. Their administration system was clunky and hard-to-use, making website updates quite time-consuming.

The final result is an entirely database-driven site, properly indexed and fully searchable. Information is displayed in a more visually organized manner, and users can easily browse books by subject, author, category, release date, or title. All content can now be easily updated by admins.

· http://fernwoodpublishing.ca ·

It took some hunting around to find the great combination of the ability and talent to do both the design and implementation of our new website. This is just what I wanted, someone who would respect my input, explain things in a way I could understand, and come up with a website that is so easy to use, change and update that I no longer dread managing it.