ACTrees Website

Actrees had an out-of-date website that was running on an elderly version of Movable Type, comprising around 4000 articles. The whole thing needed to be redesigned and restructured so that visitors would be able to easily find the information they were looking for.

The redesigned website makes use of landing pages that direct visitors into the content without overwhelming them all at once. I upgraded the Movable Type installation and customized its behaviour heavily in order to make navigation as user-friendly as possible. The result is a bright, friendly website that site visitors love to use.

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Triggers & Sparks revamped our website with a clean, fresh look that made navigation much easier for users and revealed the wealth of content we had created. We’ve received many compliments from our nationwide network of members. With her technical know-how and design vision, Sarah created a website that surpassed expectations, all within budget. Our website is now the public face that we want representing our organization.