Sarah’s Excellent Adventure

It’s official: in a little under a month, I’ll have my things all packed away in storage, and I’ll be on my way to gorgeous Buenos Aires, nearly 9000 km from home, and quite literally the other side of the world. I’ll be staying for three months, which officially makes it my longest trip ever.

I’ve had my tickets booked for some time, which is about as close as I come to long-term commitments these days, and I’ve been slowly preparing for the trip—by which I basically mean “talking along to my Spanish tapes as I walk down the street” (no, that crazy girl isn’t talking to herself!) and “contemplating how many shoes I can fit into a jumbo-size suitcase” (the answer, by the by, is “nowhere nearly enough”).


Interesting things

After spending three months in a cast earlier this year, I have managed to successfully break my other wrist now. (Apparently my bones are made of eggshell.) I’m still in the early stages, so typing is a challenge, and I’ve had all kinds of emails and business to attend to. Accordingly, I’m taking the easy way out this week, and sharing some interesting, mostly design-related, items from my Google Reader.

Pretty and/or interesting things

Jewel House Collection: Gorgeous pattern, and it resonates nicely with my new infatuation with English royals around the time when they liked chopping heads off willy-nilly.

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang: The font’s a bit overused and inelegant, but the titles are otherwise rather charming and lovely.

Nanny McPhee

Stunning NYC Subway Station Hidden From Plain Sight, Until Now: My love for subway systems knows no bounds. I thought Grand Central was NYC’s piece de transit resistance!

Infographic of the Day: What the Bible Got Wrong: The short answer is “everything”.

Inside Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Unmakeable” Interactive Book: Remember real books?

Sixty-two Reasons Why “Gamification” Is Played Out: More arguments against FourSquare!

How to Bribe Police in Foreign Countries: Something I’ve always been curious about, and will almost invariably at some point need to know.

Nocturnalis / Durinalis: More gorgeous wine packaging.

Turns out, it *is* a river in Egypt: Utterly gorgeous view of Africa from space.

In Real Hot Sauce Now: I need to find this girl and marry her.


Gender Disparities in the Design Field: I wasn’t actually aware there were any, although it becomes rather obvious the more technically-inclined you are. Is it Lady Ada Lovelace day yet?

Equal Height Column Layouts with Borders and Negative Margins in CSS: I am almost certain this will come in handy soon.

Quick Tip: Using Nested Styles with InDesign: Holy crap, this is going to save me SO MUCH time.

Learning to Love HTML5: Because I already know how to love SmashingMagazine.

You Suck at Powerpoint!: Tips for better-looking presentations.


Are You a Freelancer Or a Consultant?: An issue I’ve been thinking about a good deal of late.

Handling Clients Who Just Aren’t That Into You: My clients love me, so of course this is never an issue.