These dog days are for the birds!

Well, apparently my business should be slowing down right about now as everyone runs off on summer holidays, but it’s emulating a steamship more than anything else. (Which is nice, except that my house looks like it’s been hit by a hurricane.) I’ve been insanely busy but have been trying to keep balanced (relatively speaking): […]

Why you can’t call me cheap (anymore)

Four years ago, when I started out my business (or whenever it was—I always get fuzzy on the dates) I was charging all of $10 an hour (sometimes less, as was the case in my first job). Looking back, it’s no surprise, really, that by the end of my first solo year I was so […]

Think before you ink: a treatise on decision-making

I get asked questions about my tattoos a lot. It sometimes strikes me as strange—I have seven of them, which I suppose is quite a few, but they’re all really tiny black symbols—so it’s hardly as though they’re at all surprising. A few years ago, before I quit my job to launch a business, I […]

How to win your designer’s eternal love

Bad clients are notorious among designers. We complain about them constantly, we’ve devoted a hilarious-yet-heartbreaking website to them, and we swap horror stories like badges of honour, rolling our eyes in empathy and disgust. We spend so much time complaining about the bad clients that it’s sometimes easy to overlook the good clients. Lately, I’ve been working […]