On the importance of getting away and taking a break

It’s super-important. Seriously, though, I’ve spent the last five weeks with my dominant arm in a giant cast. (Although after week two, I regained the use of my elbow and some fingers and by week three was able to use an extra couple of fingers on my right hand while typing, which has helped. My […]

For the love of shoes

Please note: this week I’ve been totally swamped with work-work-work-work, and since I’m still in a cast and typing the four thousand emails a day that run my business often makes me frustrated and dizzy, I am utterly exhausted. I wrote this article some time ago, and while it doesn’t have anything to do with […]

One-handed girl seeks extra set of hands (or, I’m hiring!)

I’ve really been focusing on trying to build my business these days, and I’m lucky in that it’s been working, for the most part. Of course, this means that I keep running out of time for all those fancy things I like so much, like sleeping and drinking martinis. It’s reached the point at which […]