My love affair with WordPress

Yesterday, I received two emails from different clients, both inquiring about building WordPress-based websites. I responded, as I usually do: “WordPress is awesome! I love building sites with WordPress! Let’s do it!” I’ve found that I’m using it as the backbone for a lot of my websites these days (including the entirety of this one!), and I love it more and more the more time I spend with it.



What I’ve learned from broken bones and painkillers

Thanks mostly to a potent mix of stupidity, tequila, and my own interminable love of over-enthusiastic wrestling matches, I’ve managed to break a bone. (I did tempt fate that night by saying I’d never broken one before, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by the outcome, really.)

Not being one to ever do anything the half-assed way, I of course managed a really nasty, painful break in my right wrist. After seven hours in the ER, three different sets of x-rays, and numerous doctors dropping by to poke me about, stick needles in me, and ask me quite seriously if I’d been assaulted, they sent me home in a cast that runs from my fingertips to my bicep, with a handful of painkillers and no assurances that I wouldn’t need to be back for surgery in a week.

The ensuing week has been a bit of a mess, but it’s taught me all sorts of valuable lessons already.


Let’s talk about text, baby

I love type, but I find that most days, I don’t get much of a chance to really play with it like I like to. I miss the luxury of school (anything that costs more than a pair of Louboutins is a luxury), where we’d be given typography assignments that let us play around with letters and words, creating interesting patterns with them.

Typographical arrangement for the NSLC's annual report. I made up this fact. They tell me that the number is totally insane.

I’ve been wanting to get back into doing things like this, mostly as creative exercises to keep me interested in design. Of course, creative exercises in and of themselves are also something of a luxury; it seems like that pesky work keeps getting in the way.