5 reasons I don’t pick up my phone (and neither should you!)

So my poor telephone is on its last legs, and I’m finally breaking down and getting a shiny new iPhone, for a wide variety of reasons. (It’s pretty! It does “smart” stuff that my StupidPhone Blackberry can’t! It can play music and take photos that don’t look totally terrible! Designing iPhone apps will be easier […]

Opportunity doesn’t knock, it breaks down your door

For the past few months, I’ve been planning and plotting and getting myself excited about the prospect of another big trip. Those who know me are well aware of my fondness for travel, and I haven’t gone anywhere interesting (Ottawa doesn’t count) for some time. I had big plans (South America, Death Valley, Mexico) that […]

What’s on the outside counts, too!

Two years ago, I made an incredibly rash decision. I was standing in front of a row of boxes, a little worse for wear due to an excess of celebration the prior evening. A sick feeling settled over me, and I decided to run with the impulse. Two hours later, I was a blonde. (Actually, […]