A Policy of Truthiness

Things I’ve learned lately: apparently, the internet likes breasts. Who knew? When I posted my Getting Naked entry a few weeks ago, my website traffic spiked impressively. I’ll admit, I was a touch nervous about publicizing my extracurricular activities, for a second, for fear of negative backlash. North Americans in particular can be particularly prudish […]

Seven simple steps to better design, sans designer

Lately, I’ve found myself giving a substantial amount of design feedback to non-designers. While I always maintain that you ought to leave design to professionals, sometimes this just isn’t feasible for one reason or another. So, in the interests of public service (prettiness making the world a better place, and whatnot), I’d like to offer […]

A Vagabond with a laptop (and nice shoes)

Last summer, I ran away from home. 5 weeks, 7 countries, 6 currencies, 6 languages, 9 different beds, 4 planes, 7 buses, 9 trains, 5 ferries, 3 cars, and innumerable rides on the buses, trams, and metros of different cities later, I returned: blisters on my feet, forever altered. My business weathered the experiment better […]

Getting Naked

Before I decided to become a designer, I held a whole array of jobs over the years to make my rent. I wrote for an online magazine and acted as “webmaster” for a local IT company during high school. I was briefly a knife salesman, before I realized I can’t sell anything. I worked at […]