Making every hour count (or how to stop counting)

For a girl who never wears a watch and doesn’t care much for numbers, I’m obsessed with time. When you bill an hourly rate, of course, this is only to be expected—after all, the time = money equation becomes far more self-evident when you know exactly what an hour is worth. In theory, this focus […]

Learning from (loving your) mistakes

In the interest of continuing my forays into self-directed and hand-generated projects, I’ve been taking a screenprinting class at the fantastic Roberts Street Social Centre the past few weeks. It’s been fantastic, and I’m so glad I took a class instead of learning it myself—while I do love teaching myself new skills, the setup would […]

To Market, To Market: An Experiment in Failure

This year has marked my first venture into “selling stuff”, instead of just “selling myself”. It’s been a little hit-and-miss: my Valentines seemed popular (they were listed on Ooh! Shiny! and in the Etsy blog, and I’ve heard loads of positive feedback), which was immensely exciting, but they didn’t sell like mad. (They didn’t really […]

Chasing the elusive Sandman

The past month, I’ve slept an average of three hours a night, and have worked an average of 90 hours a week. My Valentine cards took more time to produce & prepare than I’d expected, although I’ve heard so much very encouraging feedback that’s it’s been quite delightful, especially as it’s my first-ever foray into […]