Awkward Logos in the Wild

Everyone (or at least, every designer) loves a good “logos gone wrong” selection. Most of them are just unintentionally dirty or besmirched by awkward kerning, but they’re always a good reminder of why you should always show your work to others before finalizing, just in case there’s a visual you might be missing. (And turn […]

Going places with typography

Everyone who knows me at all knows I’m a fan of a good typeface (and a nice bottle of wine, and a pretty pair of shoes). Less common knowledge is my fondness for public transit. Sure, it’s often dirty, loud, crowded, and outmoded. Oftentimes it’s a good way to run into people you’d rather avoid. […]

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

After all the hectic-ness and flurry of activity that was the big website launch, I took a whole day off for the first time in ages. I curled up with a blanket and read a good hundred or so pages of The Master and Margarita (which I highly recommend), then went out to a Christmas […]