Dear God, I wish I’d made this website: Butter London. It’s pretty much my holy grail of website design. I love the typography, I love the way they actually found a “butter” colour that’d work in the background, I love the varied textures and the scrollwork and the slightly old-wallpaper feel of the whole thing. […]

Tests for Fontaholics

I feel like I’m somehow failing as a self-professed typophile when I admit that I only managed to net a 30 score on this test. Note to self: time to start studying up on my fonts.

Six Steps To a Better Website

I gave a presentation to my BBC group last week, giving some tips and guidelines for how to make a website more effective. It’s aimed towards the non-technical person, though implementation of much of the advice would likely require a designer or developer’s help. However, I thought it might be a useful resource, especially if […]

You Know…

…for a girl goes on and on about how “you should make sure to update your website on a regular basis, or else!”, I’m pretty terrible at doing it myself. I’ve been trying to get into the blogging thing, but I’m having trouble motivating myself to post at least once a week! For shame.

Things I Like Today

I think I really like Instapaper, when I actually remember to use it. I have a tendency to look at something long and tedious, then either bookmark it and forget about it, or print it and have my cat turn it into long-winded confetti. Instapaper is a really neat way of storing these “things I […]